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Country: Norway
The reason you can not find our email address on this website is simple, e-mail addresses located out publicly on the website will be intercepted by small programs that crawl websites looking for exactly this, just to send spam. By not publish e-mail address publicly, we limit the number of spam that enters. By using the contact form further down this page you will receive our e-mail address as soon as we have responded to the email from you. You can either call us, use the contact form or send us mail.


Vega Kystgård
Telephone: 90602723
Mobile: 90543036

Contact: Gisle Ebbesen 000 000 000 MVA
Postal address:
Nesveien 51
8980 Vega

Street address:
Nesveien 51


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Telephone: 90602723
MOB: 90543036
Vega Kystgård
Nesveien 51
8980 Vega 000 000 000 MVA
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