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Privacy Policy

With new EU rules for information collection and privacy, many may wonder on what "cookies" are. Here you will find information about cookies. This privacy statement is about how we collect and use information about visitors to this website.


By using this site you agree that we may set cookies in your browser.


"Cookies" - is a standard technology that pretty much any sites use today. A cookie is a small text file placed in your browser's internal memory, and we use that to compile statistics and simple settings that we use to make our website better for our visitors. Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) Is set to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change the settings so that cookies are not accepted. Please note that it may cause the pages to not work optimally if you do not accept cookies.


Web Stats & Cookies

As an important part of the effort to create a user-friendly website, we look at usage patterns of visitors to the site. This is information such as. IP addresses, type of browser you use on our pages, broadband providers (ISP), operating systems, date and time of visits, how long the visit last, which sites users are coming from, and how many people visit various pages. The information we collect we use to analyze trends, so that we can make our website better for you visiting us on-line.


Some cookies keep track of what language you have chosen to display the pages.


Session Cookies

Session cookies are active as long as you have opened the website in your browser. These expire and are removed as soon as you close your browser. These are used by some functions such as the booking system. These keeps track of which currency you want through the ordering process and shows you relevant information from your choices. Some keep track of how many posts per page you want to view etc.


Third Party Cookies

Depending on which features are present on the page, third-party cookies may also be available. These could be Google AdWords cookies to display relevant advertisements where this is set by the site administrator.


How to avoid Cookies

Cookies: Frequently Asked Questions
How to delete cookies

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Privacy Policy

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